Mackie U.420D Firewire Dj

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Mackie U.420D Firewire Dj

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4Ch. DJ Mixer with Firewire

An Intuitive Compact Mixer with Two RIAA Phono Preamps!
The Mackie U.420d is a part of Mackie's new U.Series mixers, offering an advanced set of features, yet designed from the ground up to be intuitive, and easy to use - both on stage and in the studio! It connects to your computer via FireWire for your computer-based recording needs, and offers a mix of inputs sure to suit podcasters, DJs, and singer-songwriters alike! The U.420d has mic preamps on its first two channels and boasts RIAA phono preamps/stereo line inputs on the third and fourth channels for your turntable or line level needs. Plus, with the micro-master section dead center, you can comfortably control your sound on-the-fly with the Mackie U.420d.

Mackie U.420d at a Glance:

* Powerful, compact mixer
* Great recording and performance tool

Powerful, compact mixer
The Mackie U.420d offers four input channels, each with 3-band active EQ. Great for podcasting, or anytime you need a couple of mic preamps, the U.420d comes equipped with two total - on both the first and second channels. Plus, if you're a singer-songwriter, it has a built-in DI box for conveniently connecting your acoustic guitar. On the third and fourth channels, the U.420d has RIAA phono preamps as well as stereo line ins, so you can hook up your turntables or CD/MP3 player for live or recorded performances - and its even complete with a 30mm crossfader. Finally, to top things off, there's a convenient FireWire output (in addition to stereo main and aux outputs) so you can get to recording - or software mixing - straightaway.

Great recording and performance tool
With a FireWire output onboard, there's no doubt the U.420d is an excellent recording tool. But, what you may not know just from looking at it, is that it has features built into it to compensate for latency. Its headphone output is wired before the main volume knob that controls your main monitors - so if you turn down your monitors, and turn up your headphones you can easily overdub. Additionally, when you play live through the U.420d, and mix within software, everything will blend at the main output - but there's also a clever FireWire "loop-thru" button. When engaged, it routes all of your inputs, as well as the feed from your DAW right back to the computer, so you can simultaneously record a live stereo mix of your set. Of course, if that's not enough, the U.420d also comes with a copy of Tracktion 3 music production software so you can capture your inspiration at a moment's notice.

Mackie U.420d Features:

* 4-channel mic/line mixer
* 48V phantom power
* 24-bit/96kHz FireWire I/O
* Simple, modern design
* Built-in DI box
* Two stereo line inputs / RIAA phono preamps
* 30mm crossfader
* 3-band active EQ
* Stereo Aux Send
* Self-mono-ing outputs
* Headphone out with separate level control
* Large main volume knob and high-res metering
* Separate FireWire input level and control
* FireWire loop-thru switch
* Tracktion 3 Project Bundle software included

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